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To save our Admin's time, we sincerely hope this page will answer visitors Frequently Asked Questions. We also recommend that you use the search facility on our site to find specific information. We are updating the site regularly. See our Latest News page

Q. What does ICAN stand for?
A. International Conservation Awareness Network. We added the 21 as we wanted to register the domain name and ICAN had already gone.

Q. How did it start/Who started it?
A. ICAN was started by Friar, the ICAN founder. It was while on a 300 mile English sea journey in an open wooden canoe that he discovered the Sidmouth Folk Festival in 1977. ICAN evolved from a folk musical beach gathering by a few people at Sidmouth that year. There have been gatherings every year since then. 

ITV3 included Friar as part of a documentary called "Those Were The Days" showing him arriving at Sidmouth in his open canoe.  The film was shown three times in 2008 and explained how the camp started and showed the ICAN poster.

Q. What is the aim of ICAN?

A. The aim of ICAN is to develop awareness regarding the conservation of nature. Our long term aim is to set up a permanent ecology centre in the UK. This and the implementing of Agenda21 are the reasons for ICAN's existence.

Q. What does it do?
A. Every year, a nature camp, or camps were held within easy reach of rivers, beautiful countryside, small towns and friendly local pubs. One camp was held near to, and at the same time as, the 7 day seaside Sidmouth International Folk Festival (10 miles from Exeter, Devon). The Sidmouth camp was as much a social event, as a nature one. People from the UK and many other countries met to renew old friendships or make new ones. Shelter, cafe, solar showers and basic flush toilets were provided. You could have even helped make them!

Q. Was it a festival?
A. There were no commercial activities or electric music at the camps, which were not pop festivals. The focus was on nature. Respect was be shown for the law and people in the location of any camps, which were very friendly occasions.

Q. Were children allowed?
A. They were not just allowed, they were very welcome. Although of course we asked that parents/guardians exercised appropriate control and supervision. We would recommend you check out the photos of previous camps to see just how welcome.

Q. How is it funded and where does the money raised go?
A. Funded by donations and camp fees. Unfortunately the camp only breaks even. ICAN is mainly kept afloat by Friar's credit card. We receive little funding (despite numerous attempts). Thanks to NORTEL for a £100 grant. All those who run the show are volunteers. Donations are welcome, contact Friar at PO BOX 18, Totnes, Devon. TQ9 5WL, UK 

Q. Who runs ICAN?
A. ICAN involves a small voluntary group of people with a common interest in nature and its conservation. Friar is the main driving organisational force but there are others who stick the envelopes, fill in the forms, answer the e-mail and maintain the website. But we still need more help please.

Q. Can anyone support ICAN?  
A. Yes. We are particularly looking for some volunteers in the South Dartmoor area of Devon to help with admin. Must have their own computer and Internet access.

Q. Where can I get more information?
A. Contact us at the address above.

Q. How can I help?

A: Our needs vary constantly so please contact us for current reqirements. See the Help ICAN page for more info.

Q. What does a typical camp include?

A.  Click Here.

Q. Where was the camp?
A. For map and details "click" here -  http://ican21.org.uk/campinfo.html