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Can you help to look for land for future camps or our proposed Nature Centre? We are also looking for people to help us financially so we can buy our own land to open a year round Nature Centre.  The land can be in your name if we can use it


The long term future of holding our annual camp on rented land is not guaranteed and we are therefore looking for potential sites in the area on which to hold it in coming years. Landowners please note that we would be interested in supplying free renewable energy on a permanent basis to any school, farm or similar establishment in return for allowing us to hold our annual camp on their land.

Finding land for our proposed Nature Centre is proving extremely difficult. Of the endless sites we have visited none have been suitable. We need your help in sourcing suitable sites. Keep your eye on the local papers or for "For Sale" signs in fields. Maybe you already know of some land personally. We are looking to find something in roughly the Exeter, Sidmouth, Exmouth triangle. We need 5 to 10 acres site which has a flat and dry area preferably south facing with nice views if possible. It needs to be fairly isolated (i.e. not next to housing), with reasonable access. Please contact us at ICAN, PO BOX 18, Totnes, TQ9 5WL. UK,  if you hear of anything suitable.


We are looking for a benefactor to help us purchase land to use as a year round educational Nature Centre. If you lend money it will be 100% secured by the fact that land to the value of your loan will be legally put in your name. In the event of ICAN not being able to repay you for some reason, this could be easily resold to settle the debt. Our plan is to purchase around 10 acres to start with and then resell some of the excess to repay the loan.

We have found that it is rare that only 5 acres are for sale and therefore small parcels of land tend to sell for high prices and are snapped up quickly. We could immediately put up for sale any excess acreage thus repaying the loan. It is fair to say there is little risk to any lender in this venture.

In the past ten years of ICAN activities the land rent we have paid out has been about £5,000 which would have half paid for our own land! Added to this is the endless setting up and taking down of the renewable energy projects each year, excessive wear and tear and wasted human energy. Instead we could have built over 100 solar panels.

If you can help with any of the above please contact us at PO Box 18. Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5WL. UK.