SOME REFERENCES from visitors

The following are from universities, schools, the police and marines - each is numbered.         I have chosen a few words from each but if you wish to read all simply scroll down the page.  I have not included letters from private individuals as there are too many to display.

Support in writing follows on from number 7.

1: You are working harder than anyone I know for conservation awareness.
2:  Furthermore, ICAN's work facilitates people coming together from around the        country and the rest of the world which is beneficial for widening people's perspectives on ways to promote conservation and sustainability.
3:  I was so impressed by the many environmental and educational activities on offer. Should the camp become a permanent base then it would be possible to bring students for day visits.
4: It was especially good to see the children enjoying the environmental projects.
5: I am writing to impress upon you the educational value of ICAN for children.
6: How he achieves such results with virtually no financial support remains a mystery to me. The practical demonstrations in the conservation of energy with the wind turbine and solar heating panels were most useful.
7:  I'm sure you would agree that the future of the natural environment which supports us is paramount and only education can lead to true conservation, ICAN is doing this.








Support In writing for our concept of setting-up "Nature Centres" has been received from:

Friends of the Earth

The Ethical Investors Group

Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust

The Network for Alternative Technology & Technology Assessment

The Centre for Alternative Technology

Care for the Wild International

and many others.

In 2011 we started to receive a few very kind words of support for ICAN and my proposed Canoe Marathon to help it.  We may not be able to show them all here now but in due course we will, in the meantime here are a couple.  

The following is part of a letter from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's team


Professor Ian Stewart of the recent BBC series "How The Earth Made Us" has emailed and written personally wishing luck and he has been trying to help.

BBC's "Countryfile" have also sent good wishes.